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DIY| Rooftop Makeover |Garden Edition

Happy 4th of July (almost)! I am happy to finally share our latest project with you, which has been a long time coming. If you have been keeping up with a few of my posts, you might already know that Brian and I have been spending a lot of time working on our rooftop deck. […]

DIY| Creating an Exposed Brick Wall using Veneer

I have always wanted to live in a home with exposed brick. In the bathroom, in the bed bedroom, wherever! I secretly go bananas whenever I hear about individuals wanting to cover up the brick in their home. I always want to yell and kick and scream don’t do it! I think it brings so […]

DIY| Making Decorative Baskets out of Cardboard

I have been living in Chicago for a little over three months now and I am still in the process of making it our home. One thing I have been focusing on lately is the use of decorative baskets to store a few of the odds and ends we have scattered throughout our condo….such as random blankets, board […]


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Yum| Bottoms Up| Blueberry Mint Gin Cocktail

Brian and I are getting married in a few short weeks, and we really want to serve a speciality his and hers drink at our reception. The problem is that we are having a hard time deciding on which drinks to serve! I found several of fall-inspired cocktails online that all sounded delicious….but we don’t […]

Goings On | Bachelorette Party (in your 30’s)

How is it September 1st already?! If you read my previous post (or follow me on other social medial), you may have noticed I was at a bachelorette party in Savannah, GA a few weeks ago. However, it wasn’t just any bachelorette party. It was none other than yours truly. My sister did an amazing […]

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