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DIY Raised Garden Bed

It probably comes as no surprise that Organic produce is almost always more expensive than regular produce…so what better way to save money AND have fresh organic vegetables at your doorstep than to grow your own garden! Seeing how Brian and I live on the third floor of a condo building, we had to be a little more […]

DIY| Creating an Exposed Brick Wall using Veneer

I have always wanted to live in a home with exposed brick. In the bathroom, in the bed bedroom, wherever! I secretly go bananas whenever I hear about individuals wanting to cover up the brick in their home. I always want to yell and kick and scream don’t do it! I think it brings so […]

Milk Paint vs. Chalk Paint…Which One Do I Use?!

I learned the difference between Milk Paint and Chalk Paint during a recent project of mine, but unfortunately I learned it the hard way. Prior to my litterbox project, I was only familiar with Chalk Paint. Especially since it seems to be all the craze lately and popping up  on  all over Pinterest and DIY websites.  I also […]


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YUM| Stinkerpot Grandma’s Rhubarb Coffee Cake

I have another sweet-treat Sunday for you… and today’s recipe is my Grandmother’s Rhubarb Coffee Cake. I feel like anytime you see the word Grandma in front of a recipe you know it must be good. And this is definitely the case with this one! It has has been a family favorite for years and I remember […]

Goings On| Sunshine Blogging Award

The Thrift and The Savvy was nominated for a Sunshine Blogger Award! I hope everyone is having a good weekend so far! My parents are in town and we have some fun things planned, including going to see Hamilton and cooking up a fancy gourmet dinner later on tonight. [Which I’ll most likely post about later […]

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